Longing for normality, the extraordinary offer of the Grand Hotel Panoramic

Accustomed to taking it for granted, the emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus made us understand even more how important our daily lives are and how difficult it is to do without them.

The Grand Hotel Panoramic has decided to actively play its part, creating an offer that, today more than ever, nourishes and strengthens the bond between citizens and the world of Italian hospitality, now deeply affected by the emergency but always a pillar bearing the Italian economic and social fabric.

The offer includes the possibility to book a stay at the amount of 49 Euros, without any restriction on the duration of the reservation and the type of room, from April 10 to October 30 inclusive.

Bet on trust with us, spend the night at the Grand Hotel Panoramic and live the holiday you've always dreamed of.

Even after the emergency is over, our room operators will continue to use disposable gloves for the preparation of the buffets and for the administration of food; we have equipped the rooms with dispensers with hand hygiene disinfectants, both for the staff and for our guests; we are proceeding with the purchase of an ozone machine for the sterilization of the rooms at each turnover of guests to offer them all healthy and well-sanitized environments.

The reservation must be paid before arrival on site. The offer is not refundable, but it is possible to change the chosen date in the event of impossibility to travel, provided that it is always in the period from 10 April to 30 October inclusive.

The offer is limited and subject to verification of availability of dates and type of room.