Montecatini Terme with children

Among the cities most frequented by tourists in Tuscany is Montecatini Terme. In the province of Pistoia, included in the Valdinievole, the city is divided between the medieval village (located in the upper part) and the more recent urban settlement, located downstream. 
After booking a stay in our family hotel in Montecatini, visit the town with your family and don't miss the places of interest. 


Montecatini Terme funicular 

What to do in Montecatini Terme with children? You can visit the medieval village, to be reached (also) via the Funicular. The latter connects the most recent part to the oldest part of the city. Passengers travel on the two original still working cars, called Gigio and Gigia. 

The Montecatini Funicular dates back to 1898: the oldest in Italy, after that of Naples, dated 1880. 
Open every day until October 31st from the week before Easter, you can take a tour from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 24.00. The rides depart every half hour and the journey takes about eight minutes. 


Montecatini Alto 

On holiday with children, take the funicular just a few meters from our 4-star hotel in Montecatini and reach the medieval village. Located at 290 meters above sea level, from the very center of the town you can admire a breathtaking spectacle over the whole Valdinievole. 

In addition to the cable car and the main road, there is a third way to reach Montecatini Alto: La Corta. This hilly path will take you for a walk in the greenery before reaching the heart of the medieval village. 
Among the main monuments of interest are the Rocca di Castello Vecchio, the Church of San Piero and the Bell Tower. Not far away, you will find the Clock Tower and the Church of the Carmine, from the Baroque era. 
Once eight doors opened from the walls, placed to defend the castle which was the first settlement of the city. Today, only the Porta di Borgo remains visible. 
Finally, here is one last thing to see in Montecatini Terme (top): Piazza Giusti. Here there are many places, where you can eat delicious dishes typical of the area. You can also buy products from local artisans. 


Events and attractions for children in Montecatini Terme 

What else to do in Montecatini Terme with the whole family? You can visit the Maona Cave. If you are a lover of natural landscapes, stalactites and stalagmites, do not miss this jewel, located on the road that connects the upper to the lower part. 

The Grotta Maona has two wells, the only case in Italy. The first is located near the entrance. The second is accessed by going through some tunnels inside the cavity, 20 meters deep and 200 meters wide. 
For adults and children there is also the Palio dei Quartieri and the Challenge of the Castles of Valdinievole. In the Palio, the districts of "San Pietro", "Porta Borgo", "Carmine", "Casina rossa" and "Poggetto" line up two archers who compete in three volleys of arrows each. In the Challenge competition, an archery competition is staged between the contenders for the symbolic conquest of the Montecatini Castle. 
Both events are accompanied by parades and processions that evoke the medieval tradition. Two folkloric and fascinating occasions to visit Montecatini Terme with children. 

Montecatini thermal baths 

Take your children to the Terme di Montecatini. Born later than the first settlements, they are among the most famous spas for children in Tuscany. 
There are numerous spas located throughout the lower part of the city. In July 2021, Unesco named the Montecatini thermal baths "world heritage". 
Each establishment offers a rich range of natural therapies aimed at improving the psycho-physical well-being of each individual, with options designed for all ages. 
Among the hotels with spa for children there is the Grand Hotel Panoramic, within walking distance of the main attractions of the city. 
Book a stay at the Grand Hotel Panoramic, ideal even if you are looking for a spa in Montecatini for children. Fall in love with the city, visit all places of interest together with your family.