Sport Events in Montecatini Terme

2017 will be a special year for Montecatini, because the Tuscan town has been named European City of Sport 2017, which is why it will be a year full of sport events of all kinds.

In addition to classic local teams football and basketball games, sport events in Montecatini Terme will include: the Maxibasket world championship in June, the European Karate Championships, dance contests and Judo and the Italian championships of the oriental discipline of Iaido.

See all sports events in Montecatini Terme 2017:


  • 05-08 January: 3rd trophy "Memorial Rodolfo Romano" minibasket
  • 20-22 January: Judo Mancuso Trophy


  • 3-5 February: International Master Day of Spinning - FISPIN
  • 11-12 February: Italian Championships of Iaido


  • 5-8 March: Dance Contest in Palaterme
  • 11-12 March: Italian Championships of Karate


  • 14 -17 April: Daniele Mariotti International football Contest
  • April 29-May 1: Dance Contest in Palaterme
  • 30 April: Mountain Bike Gran Fondo


  • 12-14/19-21/ 27-28 May: Dance Contest in Palaterme
  • 18-21 May: National Football Cup Uisp
  • 20 May: Mille Miglia



  • 7-16 July: 3° Trophy Open Tennis Montecatini City


  • 15 August: Grand Trotting Prize of 15 August night at Sesana


  • 19-20 September: second round of Tuscany - Memorial Martini bicycle Race
  • 21 -23 September: Final Soccer Tournament Uisp "Crazy for football", linked to the world of disability


  • 8 October: Bicycle Grand Prix Ezio del Rosso
  • 21 October: National Orienteering Race


  • 17-19 November: European Championships of Karate


  • 10 December: Santa's Race